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A Winter Walk (Torchwood ficlet, Jack/Ianto, Jack/OC)

Title: A Winter Walk
Author: topgeargirl2
Characters/Parings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/OC
Rating: PG
Warnings: mentions of m/m sex
Word count: 538
Summary: Jack and Ianto take a walk along the bay and Jack remembers a walk with an old lover
Disclaimer: Torchwood is owned by the BBC
A/N: written for day 2 of redismycolour . related to my stories a mutual understanding and a new year eve surprise


Jack smiled to himself as he held Ianto’s hand. They were walking down the path along the bay in the chilling winter air. It had been Ianto’s idea as they both needed a break from the troubles they were facing. Jack looked around the bay, spotting various couples walking past them doing exactly the same thing. He started to shiver as the winter breeze started to kick up like it always did around the bay.

He pulled Ianto closer to him as they walked wanting to feel warmer. Ianto put his head on Jack’s shoulder making Jack close his eyes for the moment before Ianto started to speak.

“Look at that tree sir; it seems to still have its autumn leaves.” Ianto said pointing over to an old tree on a hill near the bay.

Jack looked at the tree and smiled. The leaves were still red and yellow, unlike the other trees which were bare and covered in snow. He recognised that tree from more than hundred years ago when he would bring his then lover James Worthington on walks along the bay in the winter time.

He remembered James’ untidy brown hair, soft blue eyes and that lovely smile that he would always possessed. Even if they couldn’t hold hands as they walked because of social disproval, they would always sneak in a precious kiss if they were alone on the path. James was the one who had first noticed the tree and it was there that they snuck in a secret big kiss with tongue before walking back to the hotel for a little bit of ‘dancing’.  The walks stopped after James’ engagement to the lovely Eliza.

The tree to him after that symbolised the undying love that he felt for this man until his tragic death in 1920 from a mysterious illness. Well secretly it still symbolised that love as he never told anyone about him until Gwen.

“Are you alright sir?” Ianto asked him, bringing Jack back to the present.

“Yes Ianto, have I ever told you about James Worthington?” Jack asked, knowing that he never had.

“No why?”

“Well that tree is where we had to sneak in precious kisses” Jack explained pointing to the still autumn tree.

“Why did you have to do that?” Ianto asked, trying to hide his jealously.

“Social disproval, plus the laws outlawing homosexuality.” Jack answered with a grin. “Sorry if it’s....”

“No sir, I think Gwen mentioned him once after you took her to the cemetery.” Ianto explained, “She apparently wanted to find out what happened to his son.”

Jack nodded. “Well all I know is that Jack Worthington ended up a solder in WW2, I believe he survived the war but I don’t know what happened to him after that.”

Ianto kissed him on the cheek. “Sir I want to know all about him, from the beginning.”

“Really? Normally you don’t want to hear.....”

“Please Jack, I’ll take you back to the hub for cocoa if you want and you can show me in your office.” Ianto pleaded and persuaded.

Jack smiled. “Alright Ianto Jones and you better make it with marshmallows.”

Ianto smiled to himself. He always knew how to get what he wanted.

Tags: ianto, jack, james worthington, redismycolour, song, walk, winter
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